Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Scalarific FizzBuzz

This started as a lunchtime conversation about interviewing. I'm a big fan of FizzBuzz as a “screening” question: it weeds out the people that shouldn't be allowed near a computer (and, after conducting several hundred interviews, I can say that there's a depressingly large number of them, especially at a company without a preliminary phone screen).

For a Scala developer, what constitutes a good FizzBuzz? Clearly, it should be based around higher-order functions, such as a map() (and, as I don't consider myself a Scala developer, I'll leave the parentheses and dots in place):

(1 to 20).map(???)

A simple implementation might use an if expression:

def fbi(x: Int): String = {
    if ((x % 15) == 0) "fizzbuzz"
    else if ((x % 3) == 0) "fizz"
    else if ((x % 5) == 0) "buzz"
    else s"$x"

It gets the job done, but looks too much like Java. We need to add some Scala-specific syntax:

def fbm(x: Int): String = x match {
    case n if ((n % 15) == 0) => "fizzbuzz"
    case n if ((n % 3) == 0) => "fizz"
    case n if ((n % 5) == 0) => "buzz"
    case n => s"$n"

You can argue whether this is better or worse. It seems to me that it just wraps the previous if with more cruft.* As our conversation devolved, though, it led to the following implementation, which is about as far from Java as I can imagine:

object Fizz {
    def unapply(x: Int): Boolean = ((x % 3) == 0)
object Buzz {
    def unapply(x: Int): Boolean = ((x % 5) == 0)
object FizzBuzz {
    def unapply(x: Int): Boolean = ((x % 15) == 0)
def fbme(x: Int): String = x match {
    case FizzBuzz() => "fizzbuzz"
    case Fizz() => "fizz"
    case Buzz() => "buzz"
    case n => s"$n"

Mind you, I don't think I'd want to hire someone who implemented FizzBuzz this way.

* You'll find a nicer match-based implementation at RosettaCode. Along with some versions that make my extractor-based implementation look sane.

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kdgregory said...

I forgot that FizzBuzz is a Coder magnet.

Here's the deal: this was originally written as a joke, a poke at the Scalaban. Not a great joke, but some people seem to have gotten it, so not a complete failure either.

If you feel that it wouldn't be complete without your personal FizzBuzz implementation, just ... don't. And if you must, please understand that it won't get past moderation.