Friday, December 31, 2010

Year-end Reset

Memo to self: if you decide to post a series of articles, make sure they're all written before you post the first one.

The series on primitives got a little out of hand. After my last post, I decided that I needed to write my own in-place integer sort before the next. And then the real world intervened. At this point, it's about 80% done and there would be five more sections.

When I started the blog two years ago, it was intended for topics that didn't require a lot of thought. My goal was to come home from work with an idea, write the draft, polish it in the morning, then post. However, one idea often leads to another, or I'll have a couple of ideas that seem related, so that led to series of posts. The series on primitives doesn't fit that goal, so it's going to get moved to my main website.

And in the new year, I'm back to short takes on whatever programming-related topics I happen to be thinking about.