Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Paradox of Free Time

It's been a month since my last blog posting. That's a common thing with technology bloggers big and small, often followed by an apologetic posting about how busy work has become. But I'm unemployed, so can't use that excuse … except that's exactly what happened!

OK, there were a couple of vacations interspersed. One was a motorcycle trip, and packing a laptop on a motorcycle is difficult (at least, if you want to keep it dry and unbroken). Another was spent in cabin in the woods, without Internet access. And while I suppose I could post from the iPhone, you don't want to read that (or more correctly, decipher it). But in reality, through much of July, I was at home and sitting at the computer for at least six hours out of the day (and standing on a ladder the rest of the time).

It turns out there's a paradox to having free time: when I was working for someone else, I would carve out an hour of each day during which I'd write. But now, I have the entire day to schedule as I wish, and I've been spending the time working on other projects. One of those projects is a wishlist service, and starting tomorrow, I'll be posting a series of articles about its design and development.

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